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Cee4life ( and Glo-Wild ( have created an ongoing event for the public to stand against Traditional Chinese Medicine Animal Body Part Use.  There is a voracious appetite for Animal Body Parts,  all based on false and mythical medicines. Keratin use in TCM ABP is just one of the outrageous and horrendously false demands. Keratin is sourced from any creature with claws, nails, scales, antlers and horns.

Human beings grow Keratin from our finger and toe nails, and our hair.  Keratin is nothing but protien and some calcium.

How did the lies and myths of TCM ABP grow into the Monster that is today, driving our earths creatures to extinction.

The Rhino is one of the creatures that is being driven to extinction. The Rhino is shot dead or sedated, its  horn is cut off this beautiful creatures face, by chainsaw, the horn is sold through the black market, ground up into powder and used for numerous false medicines.  The Tiger is another creature sort rabidly for TCM.  The entire Tigers body is thought of as a walking drug store for TCM, however the Tigers claws are in high demand for the lies and myths of TCM ABP.  The Pangolin is in high demand for its scales, for the mythical medicines which will never cure anything.


The Rhino horn is Keratin, the Rhino is slaughtered for Keratin

The Tiger Claws are Keratin, among many things, the Tigers are slaughtered for their Keratin

The Pangolin scales are Keratin, the Pangolin are slaughtered for Keratin.

All Antlers, Scales, Claws, Nails, Hair, and Horn of the animals is Keratin.

They all are slaughtered for the lies of TCM ABP

Cee4life and Glo-Wild are asking the public to act, and to continue to send your hair and nails, for an unlimited time.  Until we get a response, engage and educate the mass public and/or the authorities of the countries which enable these lies to continue, we must keep up the pressure.

Human beings are the animals last chance.

Please read below for information on your ongoing participation.

You may think that a campaign like this may do nothing,  do not turn your back, everything counts.

These are the desperate last days of many creatures.



These are fake and false ancient myths developed 3000 years ago when humans knew no better. We do now, and via medical and scientific testing it is proven that these above mentioned animal body parts hold NO magical healing powers.  The only magic these creatures hold is in the living being. However, this Tradtional Medicine is rampant, in mass demand, all because of these ancient beliefs.  The countries using these know better, however they refuse to stop.  And due to this mass demand, our earths species like the Rhino, the Tiger, and any other creature with claws, nails, horns, scales is a target for the Wildlife Trade, Black Market. This is the TRUTH.

How much are YOU really willing to do to save these creatures?

Keratin is found in our own human finger nails, toe nails and hair. TCM Animal Body Part use of Keratin is rampant in China and Vietnam. These FALSE Traditional Medicine’s and the medical value attributed to the use of Keratin is false. However, the demand is raging out of control and it is driving species to extinction because of LIES. We have developed a series of actions that every person on the face of this earth can participate in.
It will cost you – 1 postage stamp, 1 postage envelope, 1 hygienically sealed container, 1 written letter and the guts to do it.

We are going to first address CHINA  and VIETNAM and send our ACTION to their Embassies around the world, where ever you are.

They want Keratin, we will give them Keratin. Traditional Chinese Medicines also uses human body parts. Our human bodies grow Keratin 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Youve heard this mentioned a few times, now have the courage and resolve to act. We ask the international community to pariticpate in the ongoing campaign of Action One. 

* Cut  your nails or hair or both,

* Seal it inside air tight container (sealed bag, sample bottle, laminated etc),

* Write a permission to release your body parts.

(It has been proven that personally written letters of different wording impacts the target better than a generic letter.  However, I have provided a generic letter below (scroll down to find it) . Please use it as a guideline and add in your own words. Copy and paste)

*Place your clippings and letter it inside an envelope and address it to one of the Chinese and/or Vietnamese  Embassies (Some Chinese embassies are listed below).   Here is a link to the embassies of the world –

* Then come onto either  and/or Facebook Group Cee4life, Glo-Wild & the International Community – and let us know that you did it and to what embassy you sent it. This will ensure we can accurately reflect the geographical spread of support and allow us to make any amendments.

Additional Information

* You can either identify yourself in your letter or you can remain anonymous.

* You have permission to identify Cee4life and Glo-Wild as the campaign organisers.

* People are requested to strictly follow the advice given so as to avoid breaking any laws whilst sending toe & finger nail and hair clippings to the embassy chosen.

*All samples must be sealed in an air tight container such as sealed bag, sample bottle etc.

* Postage of body materials which are not sealed will almost certainly violate local and international postage laws.

* Whilst we understand that many people are willing to break the law in support of the rhino, tiger and all other animals in TCM use, we urge that this campaign is based on respect for the law not just those that are already in place to protect wildlife.  We leave criminality, in any form, to the poachers, bribed customs and wildlife officials, end users and others directly or indirectly involved in this vile trade.

*  You can personalise your letter with your own comments, but remember to be respectful, we are trying to engage with those in a position to enforce education and prosecution, not alienate them.  This group is PRO-RHINO. PRO-TIGER, PRO -ANIMALS RETAINING THEIR CLAWS, HORNS, SCALES AND LIVING THEIR NATURAL LIFESPAN etc not anti-Asian.

* We’re going to inform the Local, National and International press to highlight this International Action, the issues facing rhino, tiger etc and why we are posting our nails and hair.


We’ve basically run out of time to protect these creatures.  We’ve urged Governments to have the political will to protect them, we’ve asked for more anti-poaching teams, stricter laws and punishments, implementation of programs for education and employment.  We have tried so very hard, but still these beautiful creatures spiral to extinction.

We cant just stop, we are their last hope, and we must try everything.

This is a mailing action with a difference.  How stunned do you think the Chinese embassy’s will be when envelopes full of human hair and nails begin to arrive on their doorstep with an accompanying letter stating that you give your body parts in replacement of the Rhino’s horn, Tiger claws, Pangolin scales, Antlers etc?

They cant accuse us of offending them as China uses human body parts.  They cant say that this is uncalled for as we are offering our own Keratin in place of the slaughter of magnificent creatures Keratin.  We cant be accused of being radical as we are upholding the Law and protected status of these endangered and critically endangered creatures – some thing that they are not doing or care to do.

As the vile inflitration into countries such as India for their Tigers, Africa for their Rhino and every other species which is on the fake TCM animal body part menu,  we must address it.

We are offering sustainable Keratin consumption for China. We are saying ‘Ok, you know that Keratin does nothing, however you wont stop, so here you go, have our Keratin and not the Rhino horn, or the Tiger claws or the Pangolin scales, or the Antelope horns or hoofs or any other creatures Keratin.

We DO NOT insult, we DO NOT rage with violence, we act together united.

This action will achieve this – it will bring the falsities of TCM ABP use to the front door of China and Vietnam (and in the future other countries).  It will show that human beings will gladly offer their sustainable Keratin in place of the unsustainable animal Keratin, it will show that we WANT our creatures here on earth and not mixed up in fake remedies.  And in hope, it will bring forward many human beings to such an extent that enough pressure will be brought down on TCM ABP that it will help slow it and then halt it.

There are people around the world who use TCM with full belief that it works, they dont know any better.  So we must educate also.

We hope you will ACT.

We have included the email address’s for the Embassy’s, however this is only for you to follow up if you choose.

You must mail this Action.



Ambassador: Liu Guangyuan





Ambassador: Zhong Jianhua


P.O.BOX 95764, WATERKLOOF 0145



Ambassador: Xin Shunkang

Address: No. 58 Golden Stairs Road, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe




Ambassador: Chen Yuming




Ambassador: Zhang Yesui

Address: 3505,International Place, N.W., WASHINGTON D.C. 20008, U.S.A.



Ambassador Liu Xiaoming

51 Portland Place  London W1B 1JL



Ambassador: Zhang Yan

Address: 50-D, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021, India

National Code & Delhi District Code:0091-11



I, ………………………………………., hereby give my permission to the Chinese/Vietnamese Embassy, Government, and people to use my donated human body parts of finger nails(FN), toe nails(TN) and hair(H) to replace the rhino horn, pangolin scales, tiger bone, tiger claws, antler use and any other animal in which keratin or fur is being sourced for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Animal Body Part (ABP) use.

* I allow you to utilise my hygienically manicured and packaged human body parts of FN, TN and H for substitution of all Keratin based animal body parts and/or fur of all vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered listed species with the thorough understanding that Human Body parts are also utilised in  TCM.

*I am donating this to you because of the scientific fact that TCM ABP of various animals horns, scales and nails is false and these animal body parts are made up of Kertin and offer no proven medical cures of any ailment or injury. 

* I give you my Keratin body parts as you continue to slaughter these creatures for myths and legends which were written over 3000 years ago and are proven false.

* I give you permission to use my donated human body parts of FN, TN and H as an alternative Keration source for the falsely proven healing qualities of TCM ABP.

 * I give you this donation of my human Keratin to replace all animals slaughtered for their Keratin of use in TCM ABP, as my donated Keratin can regrow and is sustainable, where as a dead Rhino, Tiger, Pangolin or any other creature from which you slaughter to obtain Keratin from cannot regrow. Dead is forever.

 * I allow you to use my donated Keratin as the creatures that are slaughtered and procured for Keratin are endangered and some critically endangered, however whom you insist on obtaining useless Keratin from.

* I do these ACTIONS not as an insult, but as an effort to give China  and Vietnam an alternative to Keratin rather than causing extinction of vital creatures.

This ACTION is not a solution to the problems creatures on the TCM list face today but a step towards creating the will to do so.  Many of us live in countries outside of where these targeted creatures live.  Some people have the impression that because they do not live in-country that they are helpless to do anything. That is not correct. What we can do, individually & collectively, is to stand up and say no more with Actions like this.  We need to continue to get the attention of  Governments, News papers, Television companies and Wildlife authorities and encourage them to do more, to get the message out there.  People who do care are disgusted by the plight of the our creatures more so WHEN THEY HEAR ABOUT IT.  So let’s keep educating, exposing and acting.  If we shout loud enough they will have to listen. Then we can get the resources to those on the ground, working in wildlife, crime prevention, customs & prosecutions.

The only reason evil prevails is if good men and women do nothing – a variation on a quote attributed to Edmund Blake


The majority of Traditional Chinese Medicine Animal Body Part use, revolves around 3 ingredients – protein, calcium and keratin.

It is a known fact that TCM animal body part use was based not on the anatomical study of the human body, but astrological calculations and complex associations with gods.

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is based on ancient Taoist philosophical and religious conceptions of balance and opposites, ie: yin and yang, and other metaphysical belief systems. TCM includes herbs, minerals, acupuncture, tuina massage therapy, dietary therapy and animal & human body part use.

Historically and culturally TCM animal body part remedies came from the identification of an animal behaviour or body part which was then applied to the corresponding human part and/or behaviour. These theorised remedies were then sold to people to help or cure by applying the animal predispositions corresponding to human dispositions. Basically it was all made up via myths and legends.

Keratin is a very prevelant ingredient in TCM ABP.  Keratin in Traditional Chinese Medicines is found in Rhino Horn, Tiger claws, Antlers, Reptiles claws, Birds Claws, Pangolin Scales and all scaled animals, all Hoofed animals.

Keratin is simply a fibreous protein material, it holds no magical healing qualities at all. This is scientifically and medically proven.

It does not hold ANY medical healing qualities.

In the human being, Keratin is found in our finger and toe nails, and our hair.

The Materia Medica (the revered Chinese Medical Manual written 3 thousand years ago) stated numerous outlandish uses for Keratin, although it was not identified as Keratin.

An example of one of the most well known and deadly innaccurrate false uses of Keratin is the Rhino Horn.  The Materia Medica presented ridiculous medical uses of Rhino Horn the true vile false medicine it is. It was revealed via a series of translations.

Berrnard Read translated the Materia Medica in 1597.  The Rhino section within the Materia Medica is named Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu.  It advises that you must use the Rhino horn from a freshly killed male animal for best results. However pregnant women cant have it as it will kill the foetus.   It states it clears everything from snake poisoning to devil possession….  It stated many anti pyretic uses, antidotes for anything from nose bleeds to small pox etc etc All LIES. 

Something noteworthy is that not once does it mention that it is a sexual enhancing tonic or anything at all do to with heightening sexual prowess, stamina etc In fact it doesnt mention sexual powers of the horn at all.  That myth was thought to have been made up by westerners….

There are sections in the Materia Medica for all sorts of animals, and their scales, hooves, antlers, nails useage or in other words, for the use of Keratin.

We human beings have Keratin growing out of us 24hrs per day 7 days per week. We could supply the demand.

Over the years, various sections of the Materia Medica have been removed, and many Chinese doctors have spoken out about the falsities of medical Keratin use.

So it is a wonder as to why this myth of eating Keratin persists, when it offers absolutely no medical value at all.

What are you willing to do to push the truth into the public arena, straight to the Governments?

Action One – Keratin

Links for information

 For all the beasts, large and small,  that walk on OUR earth, who belong here, who are slowly, and some speeding, towards extinction due to human hands.
Why did we create these Events?
These events have been created to ask the international community to act.  From each persons home from around the globe, we are asking you all to act together in unison to help save the wild and captive creatures bred to feed the demand of the false claims.  The full name this industry is known by is  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Animal Body Part Use (ABP).  The uses of animal body parts were developed in China 3000+ years ago and quickly spread over other Asian countries, into Arabia and India, and then to some western countries.
(Note: We will clarify here that this action is against the animal body part use proven to be false.  It is NOT against traditional Chinese medicine of herbal & massage. China also uses human body parts in these medicines which will not be addressed in this action.)
The wildlife trade/black market trade is rampant and is fueled by the false Traditional Medicines of ABP use.  This use originated 3000 years+ ago and claimed to heal anything from blisters to cancer. Our earths creatures are being slaughtered at an increasingly rapid rate because of ancient false information of ABP use.

Slaughter for false TCM ABP

This action has nothing to do with offending the cultural heritage of any country.  It focuses soley on the fact that due to the wildly inaccurate and false claims of TCM ABP, many of OUR earths creatures are subjected to either a tortureous life in captivity to be harvested or are being hunted in the wild to the point of extinction to fuel the demand.
TCM ABP use is a massive mult-million dollar industry.  Many creatures used in Traditional Medicine ABP are endangered and protected by Law, however this has not stopped the slaughter of thousands of wild and captive species to meet the demand.  Therefore on most occassions TCM ABP use is illegal.
There have been many attempts to halt these false beliefs and illegal activities including:  communication, education,  presentation of factual evidence and proof given by scientists and specialised Doctors, research reports from pharmacologists, biologists and conservationists.  Additionally, there is overwhelming evidence from long term ABP users which neither displayed or acquired benefits of ABP medicines and had no symptomatic relief from illness’s or injuries that ABP’s were prescribed for.  There have been attempts at negotiation to spare the lives of the last of the great and small creatures, and at times we have been reduced to pleading to the ABP users conscience and compassion to stop these ancient false medical practices.
None of these actions have been accepted or considered seriously and very few laws are enforced.  The consumption of ABP continues to excelerate.

Criminal, Illegal, fake, lies

As TCM ABP use is a mulit-million dollar business, illegal on many occassions,  the added element of corruption thrives.
The last element to TCM ABP is vile.  Some of the countries responsible for the mass demand of ABP have hunted out there own species to meet the demand for this false medicine, and then have moved into and infilitrated other countries to feed the demand. This is the international wildlife trade
In summary, Traditional Medicine Animal Body Part Use is based on proven false myths, is illegal, is embedded with corruption, and in order to meet the demand, thousands of creatures are slaughtered, many via the illegal wildlife trade.

The Rhino Horn - Made of Keratin, they hold NO medicinal qualities - MYTHS

What a vile industry to have flourished.
People across the earth are furious and feel helpless because it seems that we cannot do anything to stop this, no matter how much factual evidence is given or how illegal the activities are.
Around the world anger is rising, pariticualarly from citizens within countries in which their creatures and natural resources being extinguished and procured by foreign illegal TCM ABP operators.   It has become a war zone to protect the last of the wild creatures.
Mis-management, a lack of will by Governments to protect the protected species, and the ease at which illegal slaughter seems to continue is causing an uprising of people who are no longer willing to sit idylly by while creatures are destroyed.

TCM ABP - Wildlife Trade slaughter for false remedies and greed

This violence inflicted on precious species is driving some people to react with violence to protect. Violence spawns violence, we cannot let that get out of control.
But from every part of the world we watch with appalled eyes, feeling helpless.
But we cannot just simply watch anymore, we are not helpless.
We ask that the people of the world make a stand now, to commit themselves to act and unite together.
Cee4life and Glo-Wild have developed a series of actions that every single person from around the world can participate in.  They are different, they may get us in trouble! but they are peaceful yet strong actions which will hopefully send the message loud and clear.  That message is ‘WE want OUR creatures here on this earth for their natural term of life, without threat, without violence, without lies.’
The first of these actions will be posted up shortly.
If you dont know about Traditional Medicine Animal Body Part Use, please read the other articles the will be posted on this site.
There is no money required for your action.
I hope you will join in and act for the last of our creatures.
Sybelle Foxcroft – Cee4life
Fraser Henderson – Glo-Wild
Stuart Robertson – Glo-Wild
‘The only reason evil survives, is if good men and women do nothing’ – a variation on a quote by Edmund Burke